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John Eckhardt’s & Kevin Leal's Dream Interpretation eCourse is the most comprehensive online course to help you discover the meaning of your dreams and to further your knowledge on how to interpret dreams.


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We sleep for 1/3 of our life — God works the nightshift & gives us prophetic visions, direction, & revelation. In Impact's Dream eCourse you'll learn:

The Origin of Dreams

Learn the fundamentals of Dream Interpretation and how dreams push you closer to destiny!

How to Unlock Prophetic Riddles

Discover the truth about the season you are in and the keys to unlock spiritual visitations.

How to Fulfill God's Dreams

Learn to teach, impart, and prophesy over others through dream interpretation.

Lesson 1

The Originator & Designer

God himself is the originator of dreams. We must be guided by His spirit. God shapes you into His divine nature. Dreams are divinely appointed and directed appearances from God to direct, redirect and restore our lives. Visions happen in a different way, our eyes are opened to have divine encounters and see into the spiritual realm.

Lesson 2

Spirit NOT Intellect

Dreams come for different seasons. Dreams carry the way, the truth, and the life. God uses dreams in times of crisis. Expecting God's intervention is a Biblical attitude. God's gift doesn't come with instructions. Dreams have a spiritual and natural aspect to them. Dreams interpretation is part of God's "continual conversation".

Apostle John Eckhardt

Apostle John Eckhardt here!

I personally want to invite you to our Dream Interpretation Masterclass. This has been our most valuable course yet!

My hope for every student that joins Dreams eCourse today is that you would receive fresh revelation and impartation as you tap into the dream world. We've already had COUNTLESS testimonies and stories of God moving mightily in the lives of Impact Dream students.

So, come! Learn the foundations of dream interpretation, gain an understanding of prophetic ministry, and position yourself to see your dreams come to pass! Amen!

Blessings & Shalom,

Apostle John Eckhardt

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The Dream eCourse has in-depth lessons, supporting worksheets, live dream interpretations, activations, and 5+ brand new lessons (never seen!)

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Impact University has had over 7,500 people walk through it's doors — to this day "Dreams: Doorway to Heaven" is our most valuable ecourse!

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My take away "Every conversation Jesus had with his first century disciples he wants to have with his disciples in the 21st Century'

Tina — Dream eCourse Student

I can NOT wait for more! I got some revelation from past dreams while he was teaching... to God be the glory

Shayla — Dream eCourse Student

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Lesson 3

Unlock Prophetic Riddles

Dreams have a language. The natural mind cannot understand spiritual things. Jesus spoke in parables. The parable is a picture language. Nothing increase in the value of a thing, like knowing the purpose of a thing, or knowing the "Why".

Lesson 4

"Continual Conversation"

Dreams are meant to be a part of a continual conversation. To understand the fruit you must understand the root. To value a thing, you have to see its true essence. Personal understanding of the application of a thing increases the value and power of a thing. 

Lesson 5

The Giver & The Fulfiller

The Dream giver is the dream fulfiller. Every conversation Jesus had with the 12 disciples He wants to have with his 21st-century disciples. God's Dreams are what you are prepared to see. You anticipate what you believe is supposed to happen.